Guide to Choosing a Dog Walker

I'm young, I'm energetic and I am athletic.  I want dogs that compliment my disposition.  I want dogs that will chase after a ball, show tenacity tearing a stick from my white-knuckle grip, and enthusiasm for trekking in sideways rain.  I'm also a stickler for discipline and want a dog that will understand obedience and working together as a team.

That leads me to a quick briefing on the dogs that best fit with Barking Buddhas:

  • Athletic dogs
    • Weight over 30 pounds
    • Motivated by tennis ball, pine cone or tennis ball
    • We set a fast pace & cover long distances
  • Age Range
    • Young dogs from 12 months to 8 years old
  • Breeds
    • Large majority of our dogs happen to be retrievers - Goldens or Labradors
    • Second most-common breed is a shepard - Australian, Bordie Collie, Heeler
  • Discipline
    • Strong command of cues
      • Come
      • Sit
      • Stay
  • Motivation
    • Treats
    • Ball

Choose a dog walker based on your desired results.  Match your dog to your dog walker.  If you have a high-energy dog, plan to find a dog walker that is also high-energy.  If your dog happens to love chasing a tennis ball, make sure the group your dogs goes out with is also ball motivated.

My goal is to comprise an A-team of dogs that have youth, energy and a need for fast-paced play and socialization with a pack of like-minded dogs.  

Please contact me if your dog fits with our description and needs to get out of the house more often.  We offer daily hikes, serving Oakland and parts of Berkeley.  Call (510) 543-1980 or email to set up a free trial hike.